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Technical Specifications of Cylinder Liner for Caterpillar Engine
ModelPart No.Inner Bore Diameter(MM)Length(MM)
Caterpillar33061105800(2P8889) 120.65255

Our cylinder liner is made with many types suitable for Caterpillar engine. The product is especially applied to Caterpillar 3306, 3406, D399, D364 and other engines. Made in strict accordance with the performance and structure of the engines, our product realizes a perfect match with the engine.

As for the Caterpillar, it is the leading manufacturer of engineering machinery, mining equipment and gas engine in the world. Moreover, it is the main supplier of industrial gas turbine, diesel engine, natural gas engine, and diesel-electric hybrid unit all over the world. The Caterpillar engine 3306 is widely used in commercial shipping industry and it is commonly applied to middle or high speed ships in the whole world.

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