Technical Specifications of Cylinder Liner for GAZ Car
ModelPart No.Inner Bore Diameter(MM)Length(MM)
GAZGAZ-21ZMDK 02.412.
GAZ-53ZMDK 02.421.
GAZ-24ZMDK 02.421.
GAZ-66ZMDK 02.412.

GAZ is the seventh largest manufacturer of commercial vehicle in the world and it ranks the second place in Russia. With an output of 200000 vehicles, this company is the leading supplier of Avtodizel diesel and YZDA fuel injection system in Russia and it mainly supplies engine products for GAZ commercial vehicle, Kamaz and more than 80 companies. Nowadays, the cylinder liner we produce is suitable for GAZ-21, GAZ-53, GAZ-24 and other engines. With the analysis on related types of engines, we ensure the product can match with the cylinder perfectly. Our product can decline the abrasion of cylinder, piston and other parts.

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