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Our cylinder liner is made of various materials in different types and specifications. With the unique technology, we can produce a large batch of the thin wall alloy casting iron type, whose wall thickness is only 1.2mm, chrome plating mesh type for internal combustion automobile engine, sulfuration type, phosphatized type, infiltration ceramic type, laser quenching type, plasma quenching type, etc. Therein, the steyr and 102 series of thin wall cylinder liners are confirmed as the famous brand products in the Chinese mechanism industry.

Designed according to the characteristics of varied brands of internal combustion engines, our cylinder liner can be used for a long time without failure. The product is a cylindrical part installed in the cylinder of the engine and it is one of the most important functional parts inside the engine. This product is harder than other engine components and it can avoid friction between the piston and the cylinder body, as well as the abrasion of the piston.

Generally the cylinder liner is used in engine and it is varied with two types, the dry type and wet type. The dry type features thin thickness, simple structure and easy processing. Yet the wet type contacts the cooling water directly so that it helps to cool the engine and to make miniaturized and lightened engine. In addition, we introduce a series of advanced equipment on production and processing of this product, such as centrifugal casting machine, honing machine, CNC lathe, phosphating production line, etc. We can supply excellent product with superior quality.

As a professional cylinder liner manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides piston ring, piston pin, engine valve, engine bearing, and many other internal combustion engine parts.

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