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Piston Ring

Due to the advanced piston ring manufacturing, processing technology and equipment imported from Germany, Japan and other countries, our product is made with outstanding design, surface processing and detection. We can produce 27152,437207152,437200 products every year.

According to the demands of users, the piston ring can be designed for internal combustion engine in barrel surface type, keystone type, conical surface type, twisted side type, chromium plating type, molybdenum spraying type, ceramic infiltration type, titanium nitride ion plating type, nitride type, steel type, and other types with complicated structure.

The piston ring is an open metal part inserted in the piston groove and it is used for sealing, adjusting engine oil, transmitting heat, supporting, etc. Cooperated with cylinder, piston, cylinder wall for sealing the fuel gas, the product features excellent wearing resistance and elasticity. Moreover, there are no defects on the surface of our product, such as notch, scratch and exfoliation. With smooth cylindrical surface and end surface, the product conforms to the regulations on elasticity and clearance. It shows proper contact with the corresponding cylinder wall. Due to the reliable performance, the product can reduce the abrasion of other parts, as well as the cost of users.

Jingang is an experienced piston ring manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides piston pin, engine valve, cylinder liner, and engine bearing, among others.

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