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Piston Pin

Made with advanced squeezing workmanship and cryogenic treatment technology, the piston pin has the advantages of high mechanical strength, volume stability, etc. It accomplishes the requirement on high power and high speed of the internal combustion engine. The product is rewarded with the national sliver prize.

The piston pin is a cylindrical component installed in the piston skirt. It is used for connecting the piston and the connecting rod, as well as transmitting the gas force born by piston to the connecting rod. At high temperature, the product bears great periodic impact load and poor lubrication. Our product features abundant hardness, strength and abrasive resistance. While the engine is running, there will be abnormal noise from the product and even its bushing will be damaged. Then the connecting rod, engine bearing and other parts will be worn badly. What's worse, the top of the product or the top of the connecting rod will be broken so that the cylinder body will be damaged. Therefore, the piston pin needs to be inspected and replaced in time when there is something wrong. Our product is an ideal replacement and it can be used for a long time.

As a specialized piston pin manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide various types of internal combustion engine parts such as piston, cylinder liner, engine valve, and piston ring.

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