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Engine Bearing

Our engine bearing is made with various types, such as main bearing, connecting rod type, thrust plate, bushing, plate for high pressure fuel pump, etc. The product adopts many materials, like 20 high tin aluminum alloy, tin base alloy, aluminum base alloy, etc. Due to the flanging technology and advanced equipment, this product is adequate to fulfill the demands of new type of engines.

The engine bearing is the contact part of shaft and the plain bearing. When the plain bearing is working, it needs one thin layer of oil film between the rotating shaft and the product for lubrication. With poor lubrication, the friction of the rotating shaft and the product will lead to high temperature. The product will be damaged for overload, high temperature, impurities in oil or abnormal viscosity of the oil, even the plain bearing will be damaged. Our product is very smooth and it can replace the original part of the engine. Due to the proper cooperation with other parts, this product will prolong the life span of other parts.

We are a professional internal combustion engine parts manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to engine bearing, we also offer engine valve, cylinder liner, piston pin, piston ring, and more.

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