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Cylinder Kits

Our company is the professional manufacturer to produce all the parts of cylinder kits at the same time. The product consists of piston, piston ring, cylinder liner, piston pin, etc. With precise selection and fitting, the product is adequate to fulfill the engine's demands on power, oil consumption, fuel emission and other performances.

The applicable cylinder kits can be supplied with various brands. Due to the proper cooperation of every part, the product keeps the engine in the stable operation state. The piston is the main moving part inside the engine and it keeps high speed movement under high pressure and high temperature. Yet the piston ring has multiple functions and it needs to perform with excellent sealing and heat conducting properties. The piston pin must reach the requirements on hardness and strength. While the cylinder liner can reduce the cost but prolong the working time of the engine.

For the poor working conditions, the cylinder kits have high requirement on material and processing technology. Apart from the professional casting equipment, CNC machine and other processing devices, we also have improved detection equipment to ensure the quality of the product. As our product can fit the corresponding brands of engines perfectly, users can choose it without anxiety.

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