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Pre-sales services
We can send samples for all the products to our customers. The value of the sample and its freight determine whether the sample is charged or not.

In-sales services
We give quick compensation supply for the broken products. The delivery time ranges from 5 to 45 days since the order is placed. It will be changed with different products.

After-sales services
We can provide the installation and use instructions for customers. The warranty period of our product is varied from 6 months to one year. If there is some loss exactly caused by our product, we supply our customers with maintenance, product replacement or compensation and other service.

Other services
According to the requirements of customers, we produce the product with given pictures and samples. Our specialists in technical center can give professional improved plans on the structure and quality of the product according to the road conditions of varied regions, weather conditions, fuel, driving habit and other aspects. In addition, the general package and personalized package can be customized in our own packing factory. Our product can be packed with PVC material, rust resistant paper, carton, paper skin, wooden box, wooden crate, wooden pallet and variant trays. Nowadays, our company is the OEM supplier for many main engine plants in China and other countries.