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The technical development system in Kincon Group is in charge of the planning, researching and developing the product. The business mainly includes the development programming, research in advance, development and design of enterprise product, new material and new technology research, standardizing the enterprise data, etc. With about 50 years of accumulation, we set up an innovative product development system and we have abundant experience and ability on developing engine parts.

At present, our technical development system owns computer-aided design system and improved detection, testing methods. We have a professional product developing group, which consists of about 150 experienced technicians of engineering design. Therein, there are 5 professors and 60 senior engineers.

At the aspect of design, the technical development system has a local area network that comprises of nearly one hundred client computers and super servers. Aided with complete three-dimensional computer-aided design software system, including CAD, CAPP and UG, the designers, technologists and the supervisors can share the network resource to improve the systematic property and the efficiency of product development.

For the detection and test on new product, the technical development system owns engine testing laboratory, which is praised as the provincial internal combustion engine parts testing center. Our technical center is honored as provincial technical center. Therefore, our new product development is guaranteed with powerful support.

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